"Don't Take Candy From Strangers"

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"Don't Take Candy From Strangers"

What Parents Need to Know about MySpace

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At last an E-book that addresses the dangers that children can be exposed to by unsupervised access to the Internet. Every parent should be aware of the dangers that the Internet poses to their children and know how to tackle this evil and spreading problem. Sadly, there have been few constructive efforts by the authorities to inform the public and as a consequence it is hardly surprising that many parents do not even know that their children may be subjected to the corrupting influences of warped and criminally inclined Internet users. There are even reported cases where vulnerable minors have been conned into meeting these people under circumstances that have led to their sexual and physical abuse and even loss of life.

All parents of minors should, as a matter of the greatest importance, familiarize themselves with the ways to prevent their children being exposed to the corrupting influence of the Internet abusers. "Don't Take Candy From Strangers" is a comprehensive guide to the opportunities that the Internet opens to those who prey on young people and the preventive measures that parents must take to safeguard their kids from these predators. Bill Wardell deserves to be congratulated on producing and making available to the public this authoritative E-book.

A must read for all parents.

John Lloyd {Spain} Jacqueline Lloyd

This E-book focused my attention to a problem that I had not previously given any serious thought and opened my eyes to the ease which personal information that could endanger minors could be accessed. Interesting and informative and yes, it has made me aware of this type of Internet danger and the ways to combat it. I would also keep this E-book on hand for constant reference and as a reminder.


"Don't Take Candy From Strangers" is a book that every parent needs to read. It reveals a solid step-by-step approach to protecting our children from online predators. As parents we need to be proactive in being aware of what our children are doing online and following the approaches outlined in this book we can be."

Melissa Trippel - CA, USA

I really enjoyed the book and will let my friends with children know about Online Security Authority, Melissa


If you are a parent - sometimes mystified by the ways of the Internet and wondering just what your kids get up to online Ė read ĎDonít Take Candy From Strangersí. Bill explains clearly and with no fuss how easy it is for kids to get into trouble on the Internet without realizing it. Better than that though Ė he gives you some simple steps to make sure itís not your kid hitting the headlines in the wrong way. An excellent, easy to read book for anyone concerned about online security.

Eileen Gravelle - UK


As a parent of teens who use the computer, this ebook was an eye opener. I knew the Internet could be a dangerous place but after reading "Don't Take Candy from Strangers" I see it is more dangerous than I thought.

As a child growing up in the 60s I felt safe. We bicycled all over town without fear, played in the neighborhood park, and walked to school from kindergarten through high school.

That isn't the case today. I won't even let my daughter walk the dog or bicycle around the block alone. Yet she has a computer sitting in her room with an Internet connection. This is just as dangerous, or perhaps even more dangerous, than walking around the block alone. And I am responsible for her safety while she is online.

We as parents must protect our children from online predators. Bill Wardell has given us the information in this ebook that we need to guard our home from those who are using the Internet to steal our children. Now it's up to us to take his advice and put it into practice.

Carol Stack - CA, USA


Internet filters - Donít rely on them, or think that it will stop bad behavior. Check the computer after a session and make sure that it is logging and working well. Kids that are very tech savvy can disable the logging. So to ensure that they have not done anything to the system make sure to check it once in a while. If you have more than one computer (child owns his/her own computer) then you must be even more careful since anyone with administrator privilege can stop a filter from working.

When picking out a filter, one that has categories is best because if you need to stop some of the categories but not others you can. Iíve used a router that had filtering built in. (each person had a login and it would filter web sites, Aim, and Emails). I would have liked to see more about Acronyms...

You also might want to point out that more and more employers are looking for a mySpace account to screen potential employees. So anything that is out there on the Internet should be considered public.

Todd Sieland-Peterson GA, USA
Todd Sieland-Peterson

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