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Learn How To Invest Your Ira Into Real Estate: An Easy-to-follow Guide

The term land banking is something everyone is familiar with today. Generaly speaking, people move their money out of high risk investments like mutual funds and into lower risk vehicles that had some guarantees, like variable or index immunity. What you need to do with your investment is to raise your return, lower your risk, decrease taxes, or perform all three if it is possible. There comes the question how to invest your IRA into real estate.

If you make some research into the financial concept, you will learn that that the IRS has accepted for what are termed as Self-directed IRAs. Most of people, having Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) often seen to be making use of their IRA “wrapper” – or IRA bucket as we called it – to hold mutual funds or certificate of deposits or simple savings accounts. With a self-directed IRA, you put your real estate investments into your IRA.

Why anybody want to do this? What probable benefit could come from placing land in an IRA? Fine, think about what an IRA does tax-wise. It defers taxes, until you retire. It means, anytime you generally have taxable income throughout a year, with an IRA you don’t pay tax on that earnings for that year, or any year until you retire.

That is why; think about when you sell your property that is not your personal residence. Suppose you make money on the sell of that property, generally you’d have to pay a capital gain tax for that year. Also think about the investor who is acquiring and selling several properties in a year.

If you could defer the tax on all your real estate benefit, then what? This is what using an IRA can do. You get to put the total benefit back into acquiring another property, selling it out, and keep repeating the process year after year. It’s a means to grow your money, earning a potentially nice return. In this manner, land banking is done.

While performing land banking task, you effectively be your own bank. But in such case, you have the capacity to make a much higher return than what you would get at a regular bank. For those who want to create their retirement nest egg by land or other real property which is not a bad idea given the outlook for stocks and mutual funds, the strategy to invest your 401k into real estate is known as land banking can be a fine way to go, especially given the tax benefits.

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  2. By joegreene on Feb 19, 2009 | Reply

    If you are thinking of buying real estate with your IRA check out this article by Andrew Waite of Personal Real Estate Investor. It's an excellent read and explains the benefits and pitfalls of different options, some of which you may not know about.

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