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Online Banking

Online Banking protection through single password authentication, as is the case in most secure Internet shopping sites, is not considered secure enough for personal online banking applications in some countries. Online banking user interfaces are secure sites (generally employing the https protocol) and traffic of all information – including the password – is encrypted, making it next to impossible for a third party to obtain or modify information after it is sent.

However, encryption alone does not rule out the possibility of hackers gaining access to vulnerable home PCs and intercepting the password as it is typed in (keystroke logging). There is also the danger of password cracking and physical theft of passwords written down by careless users.

Many online banking services have a second layer of security. Strategies vary, but a common method is the use of transaction numbers, or TANs, which are essentially single use passwords. Another strategy is the use of two passwords, only random parts of which are entered at the start of every online banking session. This is however slightly less secure than the TAN alternative and more inconvenient for the user. A third option is providing customers with security token devices capable of generating single use passwords unique to the customerís token (this is called two-factor authentication or 2FA).

Another option is using digital certificates, which digitally sign or authenticate the transactions, by linking them to the physical device (e.g. computer, mobile phone, etc). Other banks have responded not with security tokens or digital certificates, but by setting up a combination of controls that recognize a customerís computer, ask additional challenge questions for risky behavior, and monitor for fraudulent behavior.

In 2001 the FFIEC issued guidance for multifactor authentication (MFA) and then required to be in place by the end of 2006.

Protecting your identity, can seem daunting, but there is information available and ways to protect yourself.

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  2. By Mack Peter on Aug 23, 2011 | Reply

    Online banking is very beneficial to the people who are very busy in their life. Because this provide you the great facilities like online bill payments and so many other things…..

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