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Attention PC Owners: Beware of the Latest Norton Anti-Virus Security Hack

Giant software vendor, Symantec admits to security threat by hackers.


Symantec recently admitted that hackers stole their Norton Antivirus source code in 2006. The world’s largest security software vendor had previously blamed “YamaTough,” the hackers responsible for the infiltration, for the latest hack.

However, after further investigation, Symantec redacted their statement and admitted the hackers had infiltrated their own networks. Symantec later indicated that the hackers acquired 2006-era source code for Norton Antivirus Corporate edition, Norton SystemWorks (Norton Utilities and Norton GoBack), Norton Internet Security, and PCAnywhere.

“YamaTough” threatened to release 1.7 Gigabytes of source code for Norton Anti-Virus. However, the hackers later used Twitter to announce they would not release the code to the public until they were able to get all of the code.

What does this all mean to you, the consumer? If hackers are able to decipher Norton’s source code, they can use it to not only attack the company, but also attack the users of Norton’s security products. Should you be worried? The company stated that the customers using the most recent versions of their software did not face any threat of cyber-attacks from the hack. However, Symantec also stated that despite the age of the software, users of its PCAnywhere software faced a “slightly increased security risk”.

Unless Symantec were to write all new source code from scratch, elements of their code will still be prevalent today. This means that hackers are more able to decipher new code if they already have access to older source code because the versions will be somewhat similar. If you’re a little hesitant to trust a big software vendor like Norton Anti-Virus, I suggest opting for a free version of anti-virus software. Many people believe that free virus scanning software works just as well, if not better than paid subscriptions.

The issue of online security is growing at an increasing rate. This means, there opportunities for careers in cyber security. Having a degree in cyber security is a great way to protect yourself and others from criminals hacking into personal and confidential information. offshore centre There will continuously be a need for cyber security professionals because this problem will always exist. It’s time to put a stop to these online criminals and if you can be the one to help, we all appreciate your services.

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