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When you decide to create a business, it is very exciting. You are taking those big first steps toward financial freedom and selecting an endeavor that is your passion. New Business Ownership is a wonderful thing because it is a method toward security and flexibility in life.

However, forming a Virginia business is not without risks. A business by its nature involves the business interacting with many different types of people and other businesses. Because of the chances for conflict, misunderstandings and accidents, there is always a risk of liability when running a business.

This risk is the same in Virginia as in other states. But Virginia has passed legal acts to allow you to run your business through a separate legal entity as a means to help provide some protection from these business risks. There are two types of vehicles for this. One is the Virginia corporation and the other is the Virginia limited liability corporation.

When you Set up a Virginia LLC for your business, you are receiving an extra level of protection which separates you and your personal property from being at risk due to your business activity. A Virginia limited liability corporation is formed by preparing and submitting a filing to the Virginia State Corporation Commission. It also requires a fee to process. There are some explicit requirements such as proposing an LLC name that is not already being used by other businesses and appointing a Virginia registered agent for your Virginia limited liability corporation.

The Commission requires about 2 weeks to process an LLC formation in Virginia but this timing can be expedited to just two days by paying an extra fee. Many people need to start their business fast so this expedited process becomes important. Once formed, each Virginia limited liability corporation is required to pay a $50 annual fee. Evidently, these costs are so low compared to the legal protection you get by using one of these for your business.

A Virginia limited liability corporation is easy to maintain and operate. You do need to adopt a Virginia LLC Agreement which will show members of the business and how the business will be operated. But overall the paperwork is minimal. A Virginia limited liability corporation also provides many tax benefits and choices which is beneficial because you can use tax planning to keep more profits at the end of the day. If you are forming a Virginia business, it is essential that LLC Formation Virginia be the first step in your business planning. This will start you off properly and result in a solid and fundamental protection vehicle for you to build your business on.

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