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0845 telephone numbers utilising Winsor Telecoms Siteline

Windsor Telecom helps Businesses Make More Money from their Website

Windsor Telecom, the UK’s 2nd largest suppliers of 0845 telephone numbers has launched a new package to help businesses make more money from their website.

SiteLine is a specialized bundle of online tools that work with non-geographic telephone numbers (e.g. 0845 numbers, 03 numbers etc.) to help companies maximise their web sales and enquiries.

SiteLine consists of:

• A memorable non-geographic telephone number that truly stands out on a website.

• A wide choice of non-geographic numbers for companies to select from. They can opt for freephone numbers, 0845 numbers, 03 numbers etc. to give their company a national presence and to get customers they wouldn’t normally get.

• A phone number that’s completely portable. Non-geographic numbers simply sit on top of any landline or mobile of the company’s choice and this can be changed instantly online. This ensures that businesses never miss any sales calls or important inquiries.

• Online call statistics to enable businesses to see how many calls they’re receiving from their website or online advertising campaign (e.g. Google Adwords). They can also see where in the UK their calls are coming from to help them focus their marketing efforts.

Neil Sherring, chief executive of Windsor Telecom said: “We developed SiteLine after speaking with our customers to find out which of our products and services they use to increase their web sales. SiteLine contains all of these useful tools and much more to help every type of organization succeed in the online arena – which is crucial when you consider that 17 pence in every pound is spent online.”

Windsor Telecom was established in 1999 and now has over 8,500 customers of all shapes and sizes; including the BBC, Ebay Motors, RAC Autowindscreens and thousands of smaller businesses.

Kirsty West, Business Manager of, a prominent online art supplier, said: “SiteLine has transformed our website and business. We see more sales than ever before and the small cost of running it is easily paid for with new sales. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

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