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Computer Files Backup is Important

Every computer user should have a habit and routine to backup the valuable data files.  The files can be a movie file, music file, document, spreadsheet, image or picture, and a database.  You may spend hours, days, months or even years to create or download the files from the web, and they are important for your work or for memory values.  To backup the files periodically can assure that you can recover the files from the backups if necessary.

There are many causes that you may need to restore the backup files to recover the files.  For example, there may be a virus that could corrupt a file, a sudden power interruption, or there are occasions they are erased unintentionally.  Fortunately, with the advance and improvement of the backup systems, files can be backup or stored to various devices and online websites that are for files backup purpose.  There are more tips on computer at for you to read.

Backup devices can be memory sticks, external hard drives, writable DVD and CD drives, zip drive and tap backup drives.  They can be installed internally or externally to your computer.  External devices are the hardware that can be attached to your computer with a USB, parallel, serial or other connectors. 

Windows can usually detect the device and either configure the computer for it, or ask you for an installation cd to install the device.  Internal devices require you or a hardware professional to install the backup circuit card inside your computer, configure the same way like the external devices.  Once they are installed and configured, you can copy the data files to them for the file backup.

You will need to find out the total file size of all the file that are going to be backup, to make sure they will be able to fit on the backup device.  You can always use My Computer menu to locate the folder and then right click on it, and then select the Properties to see the size of the files inside the folder. 

There are also file backup websites that you can pay a fee for your file protection purpose.  You will need to pay a monthly membership fee usually for using their service.  Try to find a more reputable website by looking at their reviews of it.  One of the advantages of this type of backup is that you will just need to copy the files to the website and they will keep them for you.  However, DSL or other high speed connections are recommended for the speed of backup to the website.


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