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Data Loss and Data Recovery from Multi Boot System

Dual Booting (also called Multi Booting) is the process of installing two or more operating systems on a computer. While starting the system, you can easily select which operating system to boot by using a bootloader. This is a very useful feature of a bootloader though a bootloader offers more features other than showing list of the installed operating systems, as in a multibooted system with Windows Vista and XP; we can directly go for Memory Diagnostics or Windows XPís Recovery Console using the Vista bootloader. At times, a bootloader may damage critical system components as file system and cause serious data loss. To overcome these issues, you should opt for hard drive recovery solutions.

Benefits of Multi Boot System

The multi boot configuration allows you to take advantages of multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer. This is also helpful if you want to test a new operating system without completely switching to it. Boot loader is used to accomplish this task. It can boot multiple operating systems. The popular boot loaders are NTLDR (NT LoaDeR), GRUB (GRrand Unified Bootloader) and LILO (LInux LOader).

Technical issues with Multiboot systems

In a multiboot system, you may come across compatibility issues with diverse operating systems. One operating system on your computer may not be capable of recognizing the file system(s) of other operating systems and therefore might attempt to repair it or prompt you to format it with its native file systems.

This process erases all the existing data. It generally occurs when different file systems belonging to various operating systems exist on separate partitions or volumes of the same hard drive. In some situations, the system administrator must manually configure an operating system to ignore other partitions/ volumes or disks for allowing multiple file systems.

This behavior of a multiboot system prompts you to format the hard drive partitions or volumes. By reformatting a partition or volume we can correct such issues (as recognizing file system in a certain operating system, generally the one which is mostly used) but it also erases the data stored on the partition/volume. It results into serious data loss situations and may cause panic if done without taking complete backup of data.

In order to recover your mission critical data, you need to go for complete scanning of the affected hard drive using Data Recovery applications. Such software facilitate easy and efficient recovery of the lost data.

These software are designed to methodically scan the whole hard drive and extract all data from it. The Hard Drive Recovery software come with interactive and simple graphical user interface. It does not require sound and prior technical skills.

Stellar Information Systems Limited provides advanced data recovery software to solve data loss issues of Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX and Novell Netware operating systems. These user-friendly software salvage data in normal as well as daunting software caused data loss situations. These data recovery tools support recovery from all file system volumes/partitions which are used by these operating systems.

Jacob Luis is a student of Mass Communication doing research on file recovery. He is also a partition recovery Specialist.

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