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Mac Data Loss Due to Corruption To The Finder

In Mac OS X, Finder is an application that is responsible for user management of files, directories, network volumes, system disks and launching of applications. It also maintains the way in which file system is rendered using desktop metaphor i.e. the files and folders are symbolized as appropriate icons But at times this important tool gets damaged and you fail to start applications and access disk volumes. In this case, you can not access or use your valuable data and the daunting problem of data loss comes into the picture. You need to opt for Mac Data Recovery solutions to resolve this issue.

When you start the Mac system, you may discover that the applications are not working properly. When you try to start or re-launch the Finder to start an application, it does not work. At this point of time, you can not access anything on the desktop and canít even see hard drive volumes. You might discover that everything is empty.

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You may come across this behavior of Mac OS X due to corruption caused to the Finder. Due to corruption of Finder, Mac OS X can not locate and access files, directories, disk volumes, network volumes and applications. Finder corruption affects the overall user management of all the data, disks and applications and makes them inaccessible and unusable.

The finder allows Mac OS users to visually access everything practically on your Mac. Finder is also helpful in searching data, applications and files on Mac hard drive.


To sort out this problem, you should check whether the Finder is enabled or not. If it is disabled, then enable it. You can ensure it by opening a folder and choosing the finder from the top right corner of the folder. But if you are not able to see or open any folder, then you need to format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system.

Formatting the hard drive and reinstalling the operating system is not a safe method for your aluable data as it removes all your disk volumes and data from them. To overcome this situation, you need to perform Data Recovery Mac.

It is best possible using third party†Mac Recovery software. These software are uniquely designed to scan the entire hard drive and extract all data from it. They can recover all application files, data files, multimedia files and library files.

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery is an advanced† Mac Data Recovery† software that can recover lost data in most of the cases. It recovers data from all HFS, HFS+, HFSX, HFS Wrapper and FAT file system volumes. The software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger and 10.3.9 Panther.

Simpson Raid is a freelancer for Stellar which offers hard drive recovery software and file recovery programs for different OS and file system.

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