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A Specific Technique You Can Use Now To Attract A Guy

Many women are left floundering in the dating world when it comes to attraction and the mechanics of it. Most of the time, in fact, women are not really aware of what triggers attraction in a male, and instead rely on the things they hear from their mother, their best friend, or in some out-dated women’s magazine. Usually, these things are exactly the OPPOSITE of what causes attraction for a male, and are doomed to failure.

So how about you? Do you know what REALLY causes attraction – or why we even feel it? Do you know that attraction is not really a choice, but a genetically driven experience? Would you like t know a little better how it actually WORKS, and what you can do to promote attraction with a male?

Who wouldn’t, right? Well then, let me boil it all down for you into a very short paragraph (but if you want a GREAT explanation with a lot more detail, go see Christian Carter’s Natural and Lasting Attraction Program). Attraction exists to assist the continuance of the race of homo-sapiens. It works on a sub-conscience level to select for you the best mate – the strongest mate – that would carry on your genes to the next generation. Remember Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest? That’s it right there, in a nutshell.

So – perhaps you are wondering why you have always been attracted to the bad boy? The bad boy is the one who ACTS like the alpha male – the strongest and most fit male for you to breed with. Many times it’s just a facade, because the bad boys end up treating women like a bag of crap, but he gets that initial Natural and Lasting Attraction reaction from you because he only SEEMS like an alpha male. You can learn all about hat, and how to spot a REAL male, in the Natural and Lasting Attraction program.

There are MANY ways to spark attraction with a male – some of them work a LOT better than others, and some of them that women seem trained to do from birth are downright WRONG. That IS the really sad part – so many of the things we are practically trained to do from birth KILL attraction instead of promote it – like acting needy and vulnerable, for one.

Here is one great way, though, to spark attraction in the male you desire. Playing hard to get – it’s a classic pattern of behavior that works for several reasons, even though most women discount it right off the bat because they think it’s a game.

The thing is, though, that men need to feel attraction and INTEREST in you. And – they even want to have a little fun! If they already HAVE everything they want (sex) or if he already knows everything he wants to know about you, what will he have left that is a mystery to him? Want a guy to think about you constantly? Don’t have sex with him. Be unavailable.

It’s counterintuitive, I know. You think, if I want him to want me, then I better BE there for him to MISS me when I am not there. Actually, the opposite is true – anticipation can do wonders for attraction. And, being “hard to get” automatically implies your own scarcity, so it increases the rarity factor enhancing your attraction. In other words, you are a hot commodity, and not ready available for the average Wal-Mart shopper.

The key is in holding back a detail in a playful and intentional way at the first opportunity, whether it’s your age, profession, or even your name. Its about playing HARD TO GET – igniting the passion and letting him wonder about YOU for a change. To learn more, check out Natural and Lasting Attraction right away.

Do things like make things up in an obvious way for fun! (I.e. he asks you what you do for a living and you tell him you are a trash collector or a ninja spy). If a male is relating to you through a puzzle or mystery, he’s HOOKED. Then you have reversed the roles, taken the lead for yourself, and now he is the one wanting something you have – knowledge and information about YOU.

The bottom line is – if you want to USE attraction, you have to UNDERSTAND attraction. You cannot rely on what you think you know – especially if your dating life or love life is not where you want it to be. So if you want to be the best YOU can be, then you need to learn about what really makes relationships work – and take yourself to that place you want to be this year in your love life.

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