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Dating Tips For Men – Creating Attraction For A Hot Girl

So many guys that are looking to really get good at the dating game can be really BAFFELED by women. Well, ok, let’s admit it’s not just the guys that have the balls to ask for dating tips, its most of us. And to give good dating tips – you have to be able to get inside of the mind of a woman. Which is scary. But don’t worry, man, I have a good shrink.

ANYWAY! So lately I got the question from a guy who wanted to know why the hell women dress up so dang sexy to go to a club or out on the town or whatever they are doing, but then act so prissy and snobby when you go to meet them.

We know, as salivating men, that an attractive chic does not really need to doll up to get a man ’s attention. However, it makes her FEEL good to do so, to look her best, and let’s admit it, guys – to take the attention away from the other girls there.

Ok – so let’s quickly go through a couple of the real reasons girls do that.

One reason is that she wants to OBLITERATE the competitors she has. Hot girls are BLOODTHIRSTY, man. They know where all the other hot girls are, she knows if her ass is sexier/fatter/bigger/ than the other girl’s, if her lips are plumper, her eyes fuller, you name it. **shivers** It’s like a pack of female wolves circling each other, except it’s all done without teeth baring and snarling. Well, most of the time.

A second reason is that she the ATTENTION. She is used to it. It is her due, her homage, and we men pay it like we are paying for crack. They look aloof and unapproachable because they are actually, underneath, insecure and don’t want to get hurt and hoping the right man will come and give her the attention she wants.

Lastly – any chic wants to increase her value. She wants to be of a better quality, in order to attract the highest quality guy. She wants that Alpha Man who can do all the right things for her – look after her, provide for her, make her feel the way she wants to feel, and so on.

Do you want to be THE MAN she finally falls for? Do you understand that choice is not made because of how you look? Short, tall, skinny, fat, balding – it’s not about that.

What is DOES have to do with, though, is the survival of a species.

Ok, time for a little lesson in science. I am sure you have heard of Darwin’s theory of evolution. He called it survival of the fittest. It means the ones with the best genes get to pass them on to the next generation. The weak ones don’t get to play.

So when you look at the attention a hot chic feels she needs, it is, in the simplest of terms, her way of begging to be chosen by the alpha of the pack.

So if YOU, as a man , want to hook up with the top female of the pack – guess who you need to be? Right. The top male.

Ok, so you need to be the alpha male. Now – what does the alpha need to do to attract the best female? Give her what she is looking for, right? Ok, that sounds reasonable. What is it she wants?

If you said attention, go sack yourself and then start reading again from the beginning.

If you’re a stunning chic who is always getting noticed and approval from guys and you come upon a man who DOES NOT give you your “due”, he is going to get YOUR attention, right? Eh?

What if, then, the man you’re noticing and you are INTRIGUED BY because he is DIFFERENT, actively AVOIDS giving you attention… and brushes you off or shows DISinterest in you, it can have the effect of instantly turning her little world upside down.

You’re thinking, but HOW can I do that?? Right? Why would I want to? She’ll just throw a drink in my face and move on to a guy that gives her what she wants.

Well, if you think about it, attractive girls don’t meet a lot of guys that could care less about her looks. If you want to learn how to ATTRACT these kinds of girls, then you need to understand what creates the idea in her mind that YOU are one of the most “desirable” men.

Here’s the interesting thing about triggering attraction that I think kicks ass. Once it starts it cannot be stopped. When you are really attracted to someone, are you able to turn it off? No way!

So let’s get down to it, what you need to do. So you are the hottest girl around, and you– you meet a guy who doesn’t offer you a drink. Maybe he even asks YOU to buy him a drink. He busts on you, tells her how strange her earrings are, or says “That is a really CUTE umbrella drink there – is it a Shirley Temple?” in a fun and teasing way. (Don’t spit in it or anything dude, ok?). Have you heard of Cocky Comedy? That’s the basis of what you need t do to bust on her in a funny way that will develop attraction. This is a fantastic way to mean girls that David Deangelo developed in his first eBook, Double Your Dating.

What you do is start to become an enigma to her. You are not impressed by her looks. You are not trying to win her attention. You are not even giving a sign that you are attracted to her. What you are doing is testing HER.

Soon she starts to wonder. Pretty soon, SHE starts getting the hots for YOU. You are showing her that you are the Alpha, and that she need s to be the one doing the proving here. She’s gotta work to get it, and that makes her want it.

Do ya get it, man?

OK. These are only the first things you need to do. There is much to being an alpha male – confidence, posture, leadership – even using David Deangelo’s Cocky and Funny. But you have to study it, you have to get good at it and let it become a way of life for you. If nothing else, go spend $20.00 and pick up the Double Your Dating eBook. It’ll be the best twenty bucks you ever spent, and it will get you well on your way to understanding the principals of the alpha.

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