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Disregard These Dating Tips For Guys And You Could Pay!

dating tips for guys – Now Listen Up: Disregard This And She May Well Take Everything!

Finding a date is meant to be an exciting time. However you should also be aware of some of the dangers.

The possibility to date someone who appears to be the best women you’ve ever found in your life – does not mean you should ignore the risks and possible dangers involved, some of which would blow your mind.

The chicks to look out for are those that Are looking to strip your bank account bare.

It is natural for you to look for the positives in your dating prospects, we all want to meet “the one”. This can make you vulnerable to the money sucker as she lures you into her net.

The early conversations when searching for a date might be over the phone or via email. It is during these informal and in many cases impersonal contacts that you can easily be led astray.

During your it is best to act as you normally would, however be conscious of and make a real effort to remember the detail of what she has been saying, especially comments she has made about things she has experienced in the past .

This information is very valuable as you can lead he into future discussions that will help uncover if she is perhaps looking to take advantage of you. If not you will be very much in her good books for being a good listening!

At this point in time there is a high possibility that you might be aware of some inconsistencies. Don’t necessarily rush off thinking she is a fraud. I definitely don’t recommend ending it all now unless you have are sure she is not the one.

It is normal behavior for people to make things sound a bit better than they really were in circumstances where we are trying to put forward a good image, like in the early stages of dating.

Just take the time to get to know her a bit better and see what her real intentions are. The up side is she could just be super keen on you!

On the other hand if she is a money sucker, best you find out as early as possible!

This is such an important one of the many dating tips for guys in the dating scene today.

OK so I have laid it on a bit heavy so remember that it is also supposed to be an exciting time so don’t let these women scare you off, have fun with it, relax and enjoy.

Cheers for now and remember if you can’t be good, be good at it!
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