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Online Relationships and Dating Security

Where would you go if you wanted to meet a guy in today’s global world? You can get fired for dating in the workplace. You don’t have time to hang out in bars, plus, in today’s world, that’s a really scary place. The men you meet in the gyms or either married, divorced or a bit strange. The blind dates you have been on would make great horror movies. It just begins to seem somewhat hopeless. You really begin to imagine life as that little old lady with lots of cats.

When I started trying calculate how much time a person would have to spend on dating each week, outside of home and work, I was shocked. My calculations (not including weekends) came up with two hours. That’s if you didn’t work ANY overtime. Pretty scary, huh.
work 40
sleep 40
30 minute commute 10
hour lunch break 5
getting dressed/undressed showering 5
Eating/housework/laundry 5
relaxing/watching TV/reading 10
exercise 3
hours spent 118
hunting for a boyfriend/girlfriend 2
total hours in a five day period 120

Then, you suddenly start getting these emails about the perfect dating website where you can find your “Perfect match”. You read further, hope finally starting to flare within you. The email states that you and your potential partner take personality quizzes and answer questions so that your personalities are put together for a “perfect match!” Wow, what a great idea!! (Do you hear the sarcasm dripping from my keyboard?) This particular nameless site actually charges you for this privilege…only, the hunky guys and beautiful women on the front of the web page—their models…sorry!) Oh, and if I filled out the form and said that I was gorgeous, athletic and had long blonde hair, blue eyes and looked just like Reese Witherspoon and I posted a picture of said person as if she were me, the website would not do any verification. So be very careful when going after any Brad Pitt Look-a-likes!

There are other websites to meet people out on the vast planes of the Internet. It can be a fun place to meet people; however, just like a bar, it can be dangerous. Following a few simple rules can go a long way towards keeping you safe.

1. Create a separate identify/email address for internet dating using that has no personal information in it.
2. Never give someone your phone number. Ask them to give you a number that you can call them.  When you call them, always use the code to privacy block the caller id on your phone line before you call.
3. Google the email address they give you, the name they give you and any other information provided by them. Be a detective.
4. If you decide to meet with this person, do so in a public place and make sure that someone knows where you are at all times.
5. As always, don’t leave unattended drinks the first few times you are around the other person.

on the internet can be fun and you can meet people that you would otherwise never have had the chance to run into. It also gives you the opportunity to meet people in a new way, with your thoughts, first. As with anything, it has dangers, but as long as you are safe and careful, you can certainly have a great time meeting new people.

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  2. By dreamr802 on May 23, 2008 | Reply

    I actually met my boyfriend online in a random AOL chatroom about 4 years ago. He and I lived roughly 1300 miles from one another…and to say the least we now live together and this August we will have been together for 3 years. It can work for some people :-) You just have to be smart about it.

  3. By Online Security on Jun 17, 2008 | Reply

    I think online dating can work, you just have to be safe and always meet in a public place and never give out too much personal information.

    Online Securitys last blog post..Journal Entry: You Have My Permission to… NOT… “Click Here”

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