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Why Do Ladies Adore Sweet Talking Boys?

It’s hard to tell why, however most of the guys has a stereotype: you must be like bodybuilder in order to be loved by girls. Therefore, quite a lot of guys spend their time in gym working out. Nonetheless, other guys, who don’t really care about their muscles this much, spend their time with their girlfriends.

Nobody argues that, you need to be strong, so that your girlfriend could feel safe behind your back, but you don’t need to be a Stalone. Instead of going to gym every night and pumping your iron up, you should better learn sweet things to say to your girlfriend.

Girls adore sweet talking boys for many reasons, however we can reveal some of them for you.

Women see with their ears. Yes, you can go to gym and work out for ages to become like second Stalone. But I will tell you my secret: girls see with ears. Nobody argues that, you need to be good looking (at least, until you start talking with her), however if you can talk – you a way ahead of Mr. Terminator here. Women see with their ears and they love to hear sweet things about them. Therefore, it is your duty to come up with sweet things to say.

Women need attention (more than little kids.). Like little kids they need to be taken care of. Ladies need that you would call her sweetie, that you would brush her hair, that you would notice her new dress. You should also spend your precious football match time with her. And if if you manage to give at least part of her “needs”, you are a winner. Moreover, if you are able to come up with sweet things to say while you are spending time with her, you are not a winner anymore – you have just become her hero.

Women assume you would do anything for them (and you must make sure she is right). “Can we go…” means drop all your plans and go with your girlfriend. “Could we buy…” means you should buy it. “Do you think…” means “Am I…” and so on. Everybody knows that girls are talking in tongues, but by saying that girls assume you would do anything for them, I meant, girls will really appreciate if you will try to understand them. And that’s all… if you manage to say that she is beautiful when she is complaining about her day, if you tell her that her eyes make you feel warm and love, when she is complaining about cold weather, you are onto something great here. Remember, sweet things to say – is not a quick solution – it is a way, you should take if you want to improve your relationship with any girl.

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