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Being There For Your Kids Is Important But Getting Ahead In Your Career Is Important Too…

A new school year has just begun for many kids, and parents are preparing to shuttle their kids to and from school, extracurricular activities and other school events. Being a parent to a school-aged child can be a second job by itself, and there are few jobs more rewarding than parenting.

But if you’re a parent who aspires to advance her career by earning a degree, or if you’re currently enrolled in college classes, juggling everything can be a real struggle.

Finding the time to work, study, and help your kids through their homework can seem like an impossible task. But you can find the time and the energy to balance your education and your child’s education and to make sure that you both succeed.

Making your job work for you

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement, as well as flexible work weeks so their employees can attend college classes. Talk to your human resources department to find out about your options, and find a way to balance your classes with your job’s work load.

Study buddies

Depending on your child’s age, scheduling time for you to study together can be a great idea. By building study time into your day, you ensure that both you and your child make homework a regular part of your day. It’s also a great way to spend quality time together, something that can be tough to fit into your busy schedule. You don’t have to do it every day, but a few times a week can give you a way to bond with your child and emphasize the importance of education.

School on the information superhighway

Enrolling in online education is becoming a popular option for adults looking to begin or finish a degree. It can save you valuable commute time, time that can be better spent with your children. Other advantages to attending college online include saving money on transportation costs, taking classes at your own pace, and the flexibility of working your school schedule around the schedule of your kids. Being there for your kids is important, but getting ahead in your career is important, too.

Start your own support group

Starting a study group with other students in your age group can serve several purposes. For busy parents managing a career, classes and kids, having a social life can seem impossible. Get together with other parents who are taking classes for relaxed study sessions. A glass of wine or two could even make studying a little more fun! You can also build your parent-student network if you’re attending classes online. The important thing is that you reach out to other parents just like you and support each other.

Earning a degree is critical to advancing in your career, but being an involved and attentive parent is also crucial to the development of your child. Once you commit to success for both you and your child, your road to success won’t seem as long.

Author Lindsey Paho is an advocate for online degrees and writes on behalf of Colorado Technical University. She lives in the Midwest with her kids, including one miniature poodle.

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