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Special Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – Make Your Anniversary an Occasion

Staying married is a great achievement especially in this modern society where people throw away marriage and family whenever it doesn’t suit them or gets too tough. Sometimes marriages fail but couples seem less likely to really fight to stay together with counselling or talking things through. It might be just a reflection of the selfish and heartless times we live in. So any marriage that can last should be really celebrated if not by those who have supported the couple through the difficult times but by the couple themselves.

A 10 year celebration: traditionally a gift of tin or aluminium is given but in modern traditions it’s diamonds. Usually I personally prefer tradition but in this case a bit of bling is just the right thing to show each other you still sparkle. Why not get a diamond put in your wedding rings?

A 15 year celebration: crystal traditionally or watches in modern gifts and again his and her watches would be nice and add some lovely pieces to your collection, but a crystal vase or decanter set would be also nice. There are also many crystal pieces of jewellery, pendants and gems available on-line.

A 20 year celebration: china or platinum, for those wanting to really celebrate why not by some china in china and go on a holiday. Buy a vase or commemorative plate with your names and wedding dates on them. You could get new platinum wedding bands done and renew your wedding vows.

A 25th celebration: known as the silver wedding anniversary should come with some kind of party or grand gesture because this really is an achievement. Going on a holiday, weekend away or throwing a party would be great, but if you want a personal experience book some time together away from everything and go out shopping and buy things for one another as anniversary gifts.

A 30th celebration: the pearl wedding anniversary is also a diamond in modern traditions but again if you didn’t go all out at your 25th then you should do now, assuming you don’t have any dependable, just go on holiday somewhere special and find the time to have a romantic break away. Even if you don’t go abroad you must renew your vows and have a party and celebrate the achievement!

A 40th celebration: Ruby wedding anniversary. Buy that lovely piece of ruby in a necklace or bracelet or both if you can afford to, with matching earrings because you should be spoilt. Although what a man would do with ruby earrings I can’t explain although ruby cufflinks or tie pin would be sweet. A new set of golf clubs or a new car will show him how you feel, something equally grand and meaningful because it is a time to really spoil yourselves if you can.

A 50th celebration is the gold wedding anniversary and really throwing a huge family celebration is usually the best way but also the couple themselves should have a holiday. Maybe the family could all pool their money and send them away somewhere special, to the place they had their honeymoon, or somewhere they always wanted to go.

Just ensure any specialist piece you have purchased comes from a reputable online retailer with a verified security certificate to ensure your personal date is safe when you buy.

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