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Americans Have False Sense of PC Security

The Hottest Topic in Security Today! Americans Have False Sense of PC Security, I have read a lot of articles over the last few days and I am even more convinced than ever, the home PC users need to have a security solution they know they can trust and have confidence that they are being protected… And when they have a security breech that it can be fixed immediately.

This is why the Online Security Network has been working hard over the last few months to bring all these solutions wrapped up in one complete package for a very reasonable cost.

We have found it, and we are in the final stages of negotiations to bring this to all the OSA Elite members at a very special price…

PC Wakeup Calls Needed

Here are some of the survey highlights:

Ninety-two percent of Americans think that their software is up to date, however only 51 percent actually have currently updated their anti-virus software within the past week.

Seventy-three percent of in the U.S. think they have a firewall installed and enabled, yet 64 percent actually do.

About 70 percent of PC users think they have software, but only 55 percent have it installed.

Over a quarter of PC users say they have anti-phishing software, compared to the 12 percent that actually do.

Over Three Quarters Unprotected

The study paints a grim picture of who really is protected versus those that actually are. The survey reveals under a quarter of PC users are “fully protected” against malware and viruses. 

Thoughts on Security

Check back in a few days because OSA, has a very big announcement coming up in the next couple of weeks! We have negotiated a great online security package for you unlike anything you have ever seen before, so keep watching you will be so surprised how inexpensive it really is… 

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