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INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY Has it changed in 2 years?

Archive of Statistics on Internet Dangers

  • Two in five Internet users visited an adult site in August of 2005, according to tracking by comScore Media Metrix.
  • 87% of university students polled have virtual sex mainly using Instant Messenger, webcam, and telephone (“CampusKiss and Tell” University and College Sex Survey. Released on February 14, 2006. February 17, 2006…rvey=show&homepage=true ).
  • According to comScore Media Metrix, there were 63.4 million unique visitors to adult websites in December of 2005, reaching 37.2% of the Internet audience.
  • By the end of 2004, there were 420 million pages of pornography, and it is believed that the majority of these websites are owned by less than 50 companies (LaRue, Jan. “Obscenity and the First Amendment.” Summit on Pornography. Rayburn House Office Building. Room 2322. May 19, 2005).
  • The pornography industry generates $12 billion dollars in annual revenue – larger than the combined annual revenues of ABC, NBC, and CBS. Of that, the Internet pornography industry generates $2.5 billion dollars in annual revenue. (Pornography Statistics. Family Safe Media. January 10, 2006. >
  • According to comScore Media Metrix, Internet users viewed over 15 billion pages of adult content in August 2005. Read the rest of the report

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