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Notebook Screen Protector Buyers Guide, What To Know Before You Purchase

Nowadays, our life is incomplete without electronic devices like iPod or cell phones or computers etc. Cell phones and computers have become a part and parcel of our life and to protect our electronic devices is our first and foremost duty.

Suppose, you bought a new cell phone and you want it to be as it is for a longer period of time then you have to protect it from scratches. And for their Screen protection your basic requirement is a screen protector. Screen protectors are adequate but are never long lasting and you need to replace it frequently.

Why you should buy screen protector?

Screen protectors are required because it protects your devices against scratching. The materials used for making screen protector are clear and ultra thin plastic which adheres to the devices through static cling and doesn’t leave any residue when removed. Hard coated Polyester prevents scratches and extends life of the devices. Antiglare properties of this material improve visibility. New screen protectors like invisible SHIELD are made from urethane film and are more durable than the other screen protectors.

What you should look in screen protectors?

Check the followings benefits in the screen protectors before go for purchasing one:

1. A screen protector must be abrasion and chemical resistant.
2. It must guard your LCD screen against scratches, dents, dings and more and act as a LCD screen protector.
3. During daily use or shipping or travel screen protectors protects the laptop screens.
4. Screen protectors do not require any special cleaning process and you can use common household things to clean them which normally ruin laptop or desktop screens.
5. Screen protectors can be disinfected easily by using germicidal sprays and wipes.
6. Screen protectors should have an easy application and no bubbles.
7. It stays in its place on notebook computer and laptop even when they are closed.
8. Some screen protector covers the body of the devices entirely and acts as a protector cover just like the cases.

Most Screen protectors are as cheap as $10 and over $20 for covering full body. The higher price is counterbalanced by more protection and longevity. Measurements of the screen protectors are done diagonally. So, if you need a screen protector then measure accurately the size of your screen and give your device longer durability.

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