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Proxy Server Addresses – What’s the Best Proxy Servers Addresses to Use?

If you are looking for proxy server addresses to use, you might want to stop right now.  If you want a proxy to be anonymous then looking for free proxies online is usually nothing more than a waste of time.  It would be much better to use that time to get your own elite proxy which is the only real way to be 100% anonymous online and hide your IP from prying eyes.

Free proxies sound great, they are free, but in practice they are the worst kind of proxy experience.  You’ll spend much more time looking for working proxies than you do actually using them.  Free proxies are usually overloaded with too many people and they are often dead and not working.  If you do manage to find one, what usually happens is a few days later it dies and you need to start the search all over again.

Instead of wasting all this time, you would be better off getting your own elite proxy.  Having your own elite proxy means you won’t have to worry about it not working, being slow or not even being anonymous.  Elite proxies are 100% anonymous and super fast.  Since you are the only person using the proxy, you have the full speed and power of the proxy at your dispose.

Finding proxy server addresses online that work is much like looking for a needle in a haystack.  If your time is important to you and you want to be 100% anonymous online, check out an elite proxy today.

Setting up your own Elite Proxy is super easy. Use it as a Craigslist Proxy with your Craigslist PVA.

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