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Using A Proxy Server – How To Use A Proxy Server

Using a proxy server is very easy to do.  To use a proxy server you need to first know the details and account details of the proxy and secondly you need to be able to setup your web browser with those details.  Once your web browser is setup, every time you access the internet you will do so via the proxy server.  Beyond this there isn’t anything else you will need to do.

If you have your own proxy server, like an elite proxy, or are renting the account from someone else, you will need to get the actual details of the proxy server.  This will include the IP or IPs, the port and your login and password for the account.  You may not need a login and password if the proxy is public but you will still need to know the proxy IP and port.  Without at least these two pieces of information you can’t begin to use your proxy.

Once you know the IP, port and account details you will now need to setup your web browser to access your proxy server.  To do this, check the internet options area and look for proxy settings.  Once you have found it, you will need to enter in the proxy server IP, port and login and password for the account if you are using a password protected proxy server.

Using a proxy server is easy to do and the best kind of proxy you can get is an elite proxy.  For the ultimate proxy experience online, an elite proxy allows you to change your IP and be completely anonymous.

Setting up your own Elite Proxy is super easy. Use it as a Craigslist Proxy with your Craigslist PVA.

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