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Understanding Why You Should Want File Encryption Protection

If you are on your computer daily, or even weekly, then you most likely have some essential information stored in files on it.

Though you may lean toward thinking you are the only person able to read the information on the computer, unfortunately that may not be the case unless you have appropriately protected it.

Because of this vulnerability, we all need anti-virus programs, anti-spyware programs, and a firewall. But is even that enough?

Computer Control

You have some type of “access control list” on your computer which establishes control of your computer. That control list identifies who can access each file or folder that is stored on your computer.

While some computers have very specific controls, others do not have any at all, so you need to be able to understand how they work, and then use them. The access control may vary from computer to computer, so you should take some time to read your computer’s instructions or “help” files.

On some computers, it may be impossible to limit the access control to each program, file, or folder, so you need to have what is called a “file encryption program.” An encryption program will encode the information stored within in a file so that no other program or person is able to access it.

What Encryption Actually Does

Basically encryption takes something that is readable and turns it into something unreadable (while preserving its usability) so it can be delivered through the Internet in unreadable format in case anyone is snooping. Upon delivery, it can then be decoded on the receiving end to make the file usable again.

If you are not familiar with file encryption, you may have at least seen web sites that indicate they use a file encryption program, especially if you are using a credit card to purchase an item from their site.

The best type of file encryption programs are those that are good for an extended period of time. This will give your computer the security that it needs so that you can work securely without inadvertently passing any critical or personal information over the information super highway.

Security is Key

The main reason that most computers have one form of encryption or another is to make sure you have the maximum security to protect your important data.

You wouldn’t, for example, leave your Social Security number or birth certificate laying around your house for anyone to see. So similarly, you do not want your personal information being accessed by people who will probably use it to your detriment.

By taking advantage of file encryption technology and access control lists, you conceal your information from people whose intent might be less than praiseworthy.

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  2. By Jason on Mar 9, 2009 | Reply

    Sadly, for me it took having my private files stolen before i decided to purchase encryption software. Now i wish i would have just taken preventative action in the first place via encryption. oh well, nothing i can do now. I can tell you now that i am using the voltage security network, my computer is more secure than ever and it takes almost no effort to keep it that way.

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