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Economical Home Security Helps Enhance Your Enjoyment Away From Home

For most people, vacations are a time for relaxation and enjoyment. They travel near or far seeking restful respite from a myriad of daily distractions. In view of the significant price tags exacted for most temporary excursions, it is only natural to desire maximum recreational and relaxation value. Nagging worry about the state of things on the home front can negate vacationing pleasure, however.

The thought of intruder invasion into the sanctity of one’s home is never a pleasant contemplation. Nonetheless, it is an ever-present eventuality that all rational householders must realistically face. Making proactive plans and taking prudent precautions go far to enhance peace of mind and enjoyment while vacationing.

Sophisticated, expensive alarm systems are not mandatory for maximizing home security while vacationing. Believe it or not, criminals can circumvent such systems with relative ease. Many other solutions exist that offer far more economy and practicality.

First, it is important to understand that many would-be burglars target homes via covert surveillance. Known as “casing” a house, such illicit observation is often conducted over extended periods of time. By so doing, thieves ascertain homeowners’ regular routines, then move in for the kill at an “opportune” time. To effectively counteract this, you should avoid the appearance of absence from your home.


A lack of lighting may be the most visible indicator of absence. Interior lighting from lamps, televisions, or other such devices can be controlled by pre-set timers. These economical tools create the illusion of presence. They can be programmed to activate devices at specific times for predetermined intervals.

Motion sensors in exterior lighting of areas such as porches, driveways, and home entrances is exceptionally wise. Installation of these devices around exterior home perimeters so as to illuminate rear yard areas will serve as major thief deterrents.

On a related note, set your home phone to ring no more than 3-4 times per call before your answering mechanism activates. Phones that ring incessantly are a sure sign of homeowner absence.

Your Good Neighbors

Hopefully you have a healthy relationship with neighboring householders. If so, they can provide invaluable aid in your home security efforts while you are gone. Enlist a nearby homeowner to park a vehicle in your driveway at night.

Arrange for your mail and newspaper deliveries to be placed on temporary hold during your vacation‘s duration. If this is not possible, ask a neighbor to collect these items from your yard or mailbox and safely retain them until you return.

More Miscellaneous Mentions

Some common-sense tips include not leaving spare keys lying around your premises, locking all doors and windows, and engaging any existing security alarms. If you have very valuable items that you cannot take along with you, rent a safety deposit box for temporary storage.

Many householders even display “Beware of the Dog” or alarm company signage and stickers, even if they have no pets or alarm. Employing such devices may be a good strategy for beating would-be burglars at their own dishonest designs.

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