How do I Block mySpace?

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How do I block mySpace and similar websites?

There are many ways to accomplish this task, but first lets find out if you really want to completely block sites like these or if want to restrict access by children, or allow teens access and monitor their online behavior. The latter choice/option being the preferred way to go. You know as well as I do, if you make restrictions on teens or you stop them from doing something as a form of punishment they will find a way to undermine your authority. They will find a way or sneak online somewhere else. And the possible outcome could be very tragic.

Another option to help teens, is by becoming an active partner in the mySpace craze. Make your own profile find out what all the excitement is about and show them how you would surf and add friends and why you as a parent would also want to make correct choices and be safe (adults need to be safe also). Teach them how to use common sense and show each of your children the proper way to enjoy the Internet. It’s a great teaching moment!

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Option # 1:
Source Code can be used to prevent objectionable websites but, there are some limitation. Also (you’ll need to know how to do some minor programming) but it’s simple enough, just follow the directions.

Option # 2:
Monitoring Software can be used to monitor online activity by using software to Record Emails, Chats, IMs, Web Sites, Programs Run, Keystrokes Typed, Peer to Peer File Sharing, Screen Snapshots – Plus – Offers Internet Access Blocking and Instant Notification Alerts.

Option # 3:
Blocking Software might be a Wise Choice that will protect your children, by completely blocking their use of objectionable websites. The software may also block some sites that could be used for homework.

Option # 4:
Logging Software monitors and logs all keystrokes while your children are online.

Blocking, monitoring, and logging what’s the difference?

A blocking program has the ability to automatically block most inappropriate sites. Most blocking programs along with their automatic blocking, will allow you to specify which sites you want blocked and which sites you want to allow. They should all be password protected to keep the kids out. Most blockers work well, although, the downside is that some can be a bit too restrictive. For instance, CYBERsitter (one of the most used) would never allow kids to upload pictures to their boards. Granted, this isn’t necessarily bad, but when given the ok, a child expects to be able to upload their photo(s), and expect CYBERsitter to allow them to upload. However, it won’t allow it, you’ll have to manually disable it and wait for them to finish, and then re-enable the software.

A monitoring program monitors web sites visited, applications used on the computer, like MSword or a game. Most monitoring programs also have a blocking function.

A logging program or key logger as they are called, simply logs all keystrokes made on your computer. Most, will also log incoming chat sessions and email. These programs, as far as I am concerned, are a must if you have kids chatting and using email. They will not stop bad things from happening, but they will log exactly what was said and when.

OSA Editorial Comments:

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Please take an active roll with your children no matter what choice you make as far blocking or not blocking Internet access. Show your children you care about what they do online, as well as in school, sports, hobbies, and friends.

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These are some of the best resources we have ever found at Online Security Authority. You will not be disappointed! Each option covers different levels of security. If you follow the advice that is provided on each option, you are going to greatly improve and enjoy your experiences online and your children will too. Keep your children safe.

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Your Online Security Authority

Bill Wardell

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