Internet Bullying or Cyber Bullying is Bigger problem than you might think!

Internet Bullying or Cyber Bullying is just one part of the growing problems that youth are creating for themselves and others. There are other cyber crimes that are now taking place, and one in particular that you may want to be more aware of is Happy Slapping. One of the first incidents of Happy Slapping occurred in 2004, in London.

Happy Slapping is when an individual is struck by another person or gang of individuals and subsequently video taped or photographed while the beating is taking place. These photos and videos are then circulated by cell phone and/or uploaded and circulated over the internet.

This form of assault is gaining momentum, and we are seeing more and more . This form of assault is not only dangerous, but, by putting it on the internet, it becomes available for anyone and everyone forever. This kind of harassment lives online forever.

Happy Slapping occurs in many different places such as school property, parks, and many other places. Happy Slapping is not a harmless act, it is a very serious issue. Perpetrators can be prosecuted for more than one offense.

Anyone who is assaulted in this way should contact local authorities including: the police, school officials, etc.

So, my belief is we have to start the education process, by teaching our children that bullying is bullying no matter where it takes place (online/offline) and that abuse is abuse and just like any form a of abuse, the first course of action that needs to be done, is to report it!

Children need to know they can talk to their parents about these kinds of problems and that parents will do the right thing! Because in this day and age problems are not handled they we used to deal with them starting with respect and tack, in this day and age of no respect we have tell children it’s OK to talk to parents about issues such bulling!

There are not many resources available for the topic of online, typing in this search leaves little to be learned or find out how to protect our kids…

My wife has suggested that a great follow up book for Don’t Take Candy From Strangers! could be how children are being led to believe that they can hide behind their wireless connections and not have any consequence for their actions! The level of pain that someone feels when they are bullied is real and hurts more because they’re more hateful and hurtful, when they are not right there in person!

It’s like writing a letter or email or using a cellphone call that adults do all the time, they will say things they would never say in person. Kids learn by Example, and generation’s of this kind of learning is not going way until each parent sits down and starts teaching their children, what’s right and what’s wrong.

I have tried over the last few months I’ve added more resources on our main site, you can start there to learn more what is going in the real world of cyberblulling! I also have a video online that shows this problem and how it’s escalating click the OSA link above to see it…

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