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Identity Theft Protection – In What Way are We Able to Perform This?

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It is possible for us to get identity theft protection? Of course, there is always a chance for identity theft protection though the chances of being the next victim are quite high. Take into account that prevention is always better than cure. So, you can do some of these efforts to avoid identity theft.

There are numerous risks if your identity has been stolen. The thief could utilize your personal information to acquire a job in your name and you would discover that suddenly you are caught in a deceit racket for no mistake of yours. Likewise, the thief might be posing as you and spending your savings or even your medical insurance. It is marvelous what a thief can do when he or she has the right information of you. Thus you call for identity theft protection.

Identity Theft Protection is Possible

You can do these acts for identity theft protection. Make sure that you safeguard yourself fight such scenarios with some very simple steps. Never bring your social security number in your wallet. If you can not to memorize it here is a smart way to note it down. Use a paper and then add or subtract a notable number in your life from it. For example, you could minus your date of birth 111770 (representing 11 Nov 1970) from the social security number and you note down the resulting number.

Then, you have your number ready for use at any time you want your number. You just need to add you birthday to the number you are carrying. By this, the thief will not able to utilize your security number because it is false. This is one good way you can do to enjoy identity theft protection with the least sweat.

The best identity theft protection comes with tearing down all type of old “important” papers around the house. Say, what do you do with the credit card that has expired? What do you do with the old (paid) credit card bills? What do you do with your junk mail which forwards to you a pre-approved credit card or loan? You must run all of these through a shredder lest it would fall in the wrong hands.

Another method of identity theft protection is carrying only debit card along with small amounts of cash in your pocket. Don’t ever bring all of your credit card because it is easier to steal personal information from credit card than debit card. If you really require it, carry only one of them.

Does that answer your question? For further explanation about identity theft protection you can find the complete guide here!


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  2. By computer fraud on Apr 17, 2009 | Reply

    This article is very useful, if you ask me. People should stop treating this matter with superficiality and should start fighting against internet fraud.

  3. By computer fraud on Apr 17, 2009 | Reply

    A very useful article, that helps us fight against computer fraud.

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