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Lifelock Plan

Identity theft affects millions of Americans every year and the best company to protect your identity is LifeLock. Yeah we all have seen the commercials. The one where Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock astonishingly gives out his Social Security number. I wouldn’t do that if I were you but at least it shows that LifeLock works as I am sure he has had quite a few thieves try to steal his identity.

LifeLock is a great company whose goal is to protect the identity of hard working people like you and I. LifeLock is the industry leader and for good reason. Even though they have competition, the company still manages to stand above the crowd. This is why they won so many awards and it is no wonder so many Americans are choosing their identity protection offer over the other plans that offer the same services as Lifelock.

Since they have done so well, Lifelock gave their new clients a promotion code to save them $11. Potential customers just need to memorize and use Life Lock promo code “BestPrice”. Pretty easy to remember that one. BestPrice is the promotional code to use to get LifeLock’s service for the low price of $9 per month or just $99 per annum. Whether you pay monthly or yearly you get the first 30 days free.

Without the promo code, the regular price of the protection per month is $10 which is $110 per year. Paying the regular price does not give the client a chance to have a free month. As for the discounted price, clients will be paying only $9 per month which is $108 per year. If a client pays for the discounted price, he will avail of the first month free promo.

What’s nice about the annual plan is that people are given a year of protection but the price is $18 cheaper than the monthly option. Not to mention the month free.

As for the protection of children’s identities the same LifeLock promo code will allow them to be protected paying only $2.25 per month or $22.50 per year. This will be applicable if at least one parent is enrolled in the identity theft protection program.

Receiving a discount, investing in a reputable company as well as protecting your identity is a great thing to do. People should really think about enrolling themselves in such programs because they’ll benefit from it. Enrolling your family will be even better. With the rampant cases of identity stealing, it is better to be prepared and protect yourself before you become a victim and lose a lot of what you worked hard to obtain.

There are other good services such as Trusted ID but why sign up with another identity protectin service when you can be protected by the best one, LifeLock

Another good thing about protecting your identity is that you will receive peace of mind not worrying about your bank accounts and your credit. Hiring experts in this field is a must. You may also protect your identity on your own but if your identity gets stolen, you’ll have a hard time fixing the damages, clearing your name and additionally you may not get all the money back that you lost. This is why a million dollar guarantee from a service like Lifelock is a must have in any identity protection plan.

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  2. By Identity Protection on May 5, 2009 | Reply

    Lifelock is a great service. They have received tons of bad rep from people that make fun of the guy getting his credit tapped by identity thieves. In my opinion to broadcast your SS to the world and still nothing bad happens is still pretty good to me.

  3. By tips on May 28, 2009 | Reply

    nice site indeed

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