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Medical Identity Theft Harm Both Your Economic and Health Condition

There are only few people who recognize of medical identity theft and be aware of the dangers. That’s why this crime is gradually growing. The definition of medical identity theft will be explained further.

The Explanation of Medical Identity Theft

When someone executes medical identity theft, he or she will use your medical records as well as your medical insurance for their own benefit. Generally, people realize that they are enduring medical identity theft only when they are reliant on medical attention and incongruously have trouble getting.

This is how the thief commits medical identity theft. He or she uses your identity to receive treatment and the insurance company pays for it. The next time you require treatment you would realize that the funds are not covering your bills due to the preceding treatment you availed. Unluckily you would have no recall of that “preceding” treatment since the person treated was not you.

How Danger is Medical Identity Theft?

Once medical identity theft is done you do not risk only the charges of dishonesty with the insurance company or loss of finances, but also the chance of suffering from life threatening complications after the “previous” treatment. It is possible that your medical records now consists of many information that is no longer valid to you like allergies, surgery requirement, special medication, etc. which would be tremendously difficult to fight.

Some dangerous scenarios would be having the wrong blood group entered according to which information you could be given the wrong type blood. This can result in serious complication and even death.

You might have in your records that you were a substance abuser while you have not even touched a cigarette in your whole life. In this case you might even risk arrest by reason of possessing illegal drugs and you would not be able to prove that it was not you when the treatment was done last time. Furthermore, you might be recorded as HIV positive or even having AIDS which could make your life topsy turvy until you realize where the problem lies.

Though it is thorny to avoid such theft, it is still possible however. Check all your mails and emails regarding credit card bills and insurance. If you notice the slightest difference, try to find the reasons behind it right away. Furthermore, immediately track the source down if there is any collection call addressed to you, though you have no knowledge of having taken any loan.

Medical identity theft is extremely frightening and imperils your life. Thus, you have to be alert to prevent any kind of identity theft and minimize the dangers.

Still being curious about medical identity theft? Just explore more on the links here and you will get much more about it.

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  3. By madison condominiums on Jan 13, 2009 | Reply

    Great public awareness article. I never thought that hacking health insurance is possible, and the worst scenario of placing ourselves at risk because of wrong info-feeds. Constant checks of our medical records is a must and should never be taken for granted.

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