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Tips On Holiday Scams From The Attorney General

Holiday scams happen more often than most people know about. Besides criminal, it is distressing when con artists take advantage of sympathetic people and the holiday season.

Because internet scams are carried out so often, the Attorney General of Texas has put out a statement with tips and pointers for local consumers. The Attorney General’s information concerns unsolicited telephone offers and online shopping schemes.

Plus, it calls attention to the prevalent scam where scammers tell you that you have won a contest then ask for private data so you can access the winnings.

Scammers are always searching for compassionate people and especially those in the giving spirit. So to get the most out of the holiday season, stay alert and remember some simple suggestions that can prevent you from becoming a victim of con artists.

  • Ask questions before making a donation
  • Look for a secure website when ordering gifts online
  • Try not to buy gift cards off the rack

Many of the tips may seem like no brainers, but they are important reminders for people likely to feel inordinately generous during the holidays. And that is precisely the reason the Attorney General put out this notice— to many consumers become vulnerable to internet scams while in the holiday spirit.

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