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Dual Display for EBooks

Ebooks are books in an electronic form but a lot different in the way the presentation is done to the reader.

Just as you would read a book by earmarking pages, flipping pages refering back to text, etc so can you do the same on dual displays for ebooks.

The latest ebook was developed by researchers at Maryland and Berkeley Universities.


Unlike conventional reading of paperbacks, magazine, periodicals, etc, ebooks are a totally new concept added to the meaning of reading. In addition they allow you to scroll to different pages unlike flipping through a book or even call up on research data needed for a topic for the book.


Where physical reading allows one to flip a page or fold the book, the device allows readers to turn pages by interaction or close book movements of one face toward the other, and, in the folded posture by flipping the device over. Users can also fold one face behind the other, which provides an alternative, more compact form . When the displays are detached, multiple documents (eg. literature and thesaurus, literature and map, etc) can be viewed simultaneously. In such a setting, users can arrange the displays in convenient positions as required..

Dual Display Ebooks offer a compromise between large displays and flexible, conventional forms.

The main advantage lies in getting to a thesaurus or dictionary to know or explore a word better to illustrate an example. The thesaurus or dictionary does not have to be physically present as it will be available in the electronic format and at the touch of a button. Ebooks also allow for skipping, glancing through pages at a much faster pace.

They consume very little in the way of power and are most lightweight as in carrying a paperback novel.

Software and Hardware

Document reading software is available from XLibris

If you do happen to be a heavy reader do try out Ebooks.

A utility that can possibly use with Ebooks Is MurGeeMon available at



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