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It came as a big shock to the entire army when that General accepted that he had tampered with his public birth records at the time of his first appointment. He had changed his date of birth so as to show himself to be 3 years younger by tampering with the figures very carefully. At first glance, it was barely detectable, however on further inspection, it was quite apparent. When I was preparing to go to school the maximum age limit was 23 years old. Now it is not uncommon to see people in their thirties attending college. Because he had exceeded the age limit, he altered his birth certificate in order to qualify.

He was regarded as a diligent and stern General, who ruled with a firm hand. He didn’t put up with nonsense from anyone and layed down the law with a firm hand. His strong stature allowed him to always set the example. But for this one mistake, his career had been unblemished. John was a conscientious worker. He was always on time to office. He worked hard, even extra hours if necessary, so that nothing was put off for tomorrow. Everyone loved and respected him in the office; however he had a very unhappy personal life.

It was the result of a mismatched marriage. His wife was very dominating and demanding. She expected him to take her out every day. She would ring him up in the office and threaten to go to her parents place if he did not come home early. She would go as far as phoning John’s employer every other day and ask that John be sent home for one reason or another. One afternoon, his wife phoned him, threatening to bring him into a court of law. She said that their marriage records were missing and she was certain that he had destroyed them to get rid of her.

The tale I’m about to share occurred a couple years ago. A friend and I had attended a party and were just returning home. I was driving my car and he was riding in the passenger seat. When we were almost to his house, I saw the unmistakable flashing lights of a police car behind us. I pulled over and waited for the officer. To our surprise, the officer pulled his firearm and yelled at us to get out of the car slowly while showing our hands during the process. We were extremely surprised, but we complied with the officer’s wants. I was surprised because my name is nowhere in the public police records of our city.

It quickly became evident that the police officer was under the impression that I was a drug delear. I was then informed that my car was a close match to the drug delear’s car description they had on file. We all had a good laugh afterwards as we continued on our way to my friends house.

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