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Granite Countertops Can Be A Healthy Choice For Your Home

You could be among the granite countertop users who are worried about the radioactive gas radiation caused by those slabs. Granite is liked by people for a variety of reasons. It is durable and looks elegant. But the worries raised by the sayings of its detractors have put many users in trouble. According to the opinion of some experts the granite countertops emit radon gas, which can have harmful effects on human health. However, do not get panicked by these reports. It is better to check the facts before you decide to replace the countertop in your kitchen.

The marble manufacturers will tell you to use the countertops without worry. If you are among the paranoid lot check the EPA website. The details of radon gas can be found in the site. There it is descried as a colorless and odorless gas with potential carcinogenic properties. But these have failed to detract the thousands of granite users who continue to use the granite countertops in their kitchens.

The wide variety of granites sold in the market is also responsible for its massive popularity. It is better if you do not use the granite countertops with purple or red hue. They are said to contain more amounts of radioactive materials. It is important that you know the amount of radiation that can cause harm to your health. The unit that is used to measure radon emission is PicoCuries per liter of air. As per the data of EPA, 4 pCi/L and more amount of radon are harmful for our health. You can incur the equal risk of contracting cancer from 4 picocuries of radon that can be obtained if you smoke half packet of cigarette a day. This information has been published by the New York Times.

Before you take the allegations against granite countertops seriously keep in mind that they have been raised by the competitors and makers of other countertops. If you consult the folks at Marble Institute of America they will refute such allegations vehemently. It admits that granite contains certain amount of radon and other radioactive substances but also says that the radiation is way below the danger level for humans.

You can take heart as both the radiation experts and health physicists have agreed on the safety of granite usage. They state that some manmade sources of radiation such as X-rays, smoke detectors and luminous watches can do more harm to our health than granite countertops.

The number of enquiries made to EPA has increased in recent times. Naturally, people who have been using granite countertops for ages have become worried after reading the reports on its radiation properties. New York based CMT Laboratories quality assurance director Stanley Liebert has suggested an option for the granite countertop users. He is of the opinion that you can use the means to ensure better airflow in the kitchen to keep the radiation under control. In any case it is better to ask a radon inspector to check the safety of the countertop you use.

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  2. By Radon gas on Aug 3, 2009 | Reply

    Radon is radioactive, noble gas, which is hard to spot. It is outcome of innate putrefaction of uranium is present in many households. It can cause lung cancer. Those homes which are situated beneath the third floor need to get their homes tested for levels of radon. By creating pressure variations in the house or by fitting a radon mitigation system prior to constructing can stop radon from seeping into the house.

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