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Home Security Under $50

These days the likelihood of having a break in at home is greater than ever. It is therefore very important that home owners do as much as they can to ensure that their family and property is secure. Statistics from law enforcement show that a vast number of break in take place through the front door. This is done through lock bumping, and also door kick-ins. It is important that you begin your home security by getting the front door security lock that you can afford. There are some home security items that you can install yourself that cost under $50.

One product that is both easy to install and cost under $50 is the DoorChucky. This is a devise that is idea for front doors and works well even if your key are lost or stolen. Made with a few parts that make it very easy to install the Door Chucky is one of the front door security locks on the market, and it is well built too. You can easily remove it when you are not using it. This door lock will satisfy all your need and help to keep your loved ones safe.
You can also opt for a deadbolt lock, but if you do not know what you are doing chances are you will end up installing it incorrectly which will leave your home unsecure. Some security experts suggest the use of a strike box and not a strike plate. A strike box makes the lock much more difficult to jimmy.

If you opt for an electronic home door lock, keep in mind that this kind of lock are made with a number of moving parts. What this means is that there are quite a number of different possibilities for malfunction.

Your home security door lock should be well constructed, made of the finest material, and sturdy and also have the ability to stand up to excessive force. The Door Chucky is one front door lock that fits the bill. Your front door will not likely be kicked in or picked again with this lock.

It is advised that you get your door lock from a manufacturer that is seen as being reputable and that offers you a great product that satisfies all your security needs.

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