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Learn How To Create A Winning Science Fair Project

Needing some science fair ideas for high school or any other grade? You never knew there were so many!

Running short of creative ideas for fairs? High school means that you have reached a higher level, where you are expected to posses some detailed knowledge in science on the basis of which you can prepare a successful project. In the science fair the judges will expect original thought and creativity from you as you are participating in an upper-level competition. Your science fair project should be relevant to current scientific and technological developments.

Here you will find an array of ideas with which you can prepare your A+ science fair project ideas. You can borrow ideas from the different branches of science.

Life Science

* Make a comparison between gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in terms of the effect of antibiotics on them.

* How does ultra violet radiation affect bacterial growth?

* How to test the amount of toxicity in water or soil?

* Conduct an experiment on plant genetics including plant hybrids and cross-breeding

* Test the extent of sensitivity or resistance of common bacteria to antibacterial soap

* What are the factors that affect the rate of transpiration in plants?

* Effects of increased oxygen or carbon dioxide concentration on germination of plants

* What are the differences in properties and effects between organic and chemical fertilizers?

* Harmful effects of pesticides and ways of developing natural or organic alternatives

Earth Science

* What are the different methods in which you can prevent soil erosion? Effects of soil composition

* What is the relationship between soil composition and water drainage?

* Methods of weather forecasting

* Test soil and water samples to find out the level of concentration and effect of minerals

Physical Science

* Effects of temperature and solute concentration on the refraction index of liquids

* What is the effect of storage temperature on batteries?

* Ways of improving battery chargers, using solar cells to recharge batteries

* Testing the effects of stress and strain on bridges

* Experimenting with fire preventive building materials

* How do magnetic and electromagnetic fields affect living organisms?


* What are the different methods of preventing corrosion?

* Different methods of water filtration or purification

* Comparison between artificial sweetener and sugar or other natural sweeteners in terms of their properties and effects

* What are the effects of pH level of a solution on the corrosion of iron and copper?

* Chemical properties and physiological impact of saturated, unsaturated and trans fats

Environmental Science

* How can you clean up and neutralize the effect of oil in salt water?

* Different methods of processing or recycling non-biodegradable products

* Ways of home insulation

* What are the expanded uses of solar energy?

Does your high school science fair project sound easy now?

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