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Explore Arizona Getaway In Space And The Challenger Space Center Of Arizona

Have you always wanted to go into space? Have you wondered just what it would be like to be living in space? Is the thought of going into the great unknown of the sky always been something you have dreamt about? If these are true for you then you really should go to the Challenger Space Center in Peoria.

The Challenger Space Center was built to memorialize the astronauts that died on that mission. But it is through this center and the combined work with the Smithsonian Institute that the memory of these brave souls is immortalized in the most positive manner possible. They teach children and show adults what being in the space program can offer. It exposes the people of all ages to the challenges and the joys of being in space and is a perfect part of any Phoenix Arizona vacation

It gives educators an opportunity to expose their students to a universe much larger than they have ever thought about. It takes them from the classroom to the stars. Giving children the opportunity to see that there is so much more in the universe than just Earth gives them the opportunity to reach higher, study harder and set goals many of them would never realize were even available prior to being exposed to the Challenger Space Center of Arizona.

Never fear that your child (or yourself) will be unable to grasp the possibilities of space. At the Center you will see that not only can they grasp the concepts but learn how to focus on what they will need to accomplish in their schooling to make it into the space program and perhaps, someday, actually go into space or be a part of the space program. To reach for the stars and understand that which has been a mystery to man for centuries before.

There are opportunities to come to the Center and stargaze, to use the indoor planetarium to see things, learn about things that you would not be able to learn about without the guidance of the staff and educators at the Center. You can listen to the lectures of speakers sharing their stories or teaching about the universe beyond us.

This is a wondrous place to visit when you are seeking a new experience and educational outlet on your Arizona tourist exploration. It is an opportunity not to be missed for the entire family. Make the family vacation something special, visit the Challenger Space Center of Arizona a stop and you will take away impressions, memories and dreams that could make a life changing impact on your child and yourself. Don’t miss this adventure, relish it, enjoy it and learn from it.

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