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MySpace calls itself “a place for friends”

The intense media scrutiny and hysteria around MySpace and teens, as well as the real cyberdrama that has erupted when teens do bad stuff on MySpace, makes Facebook a very attractive alternative. MySpace and Teens: What Can Parents Do.


MySpace could change policy to 18+ signup and it will solve a lot of problems myspace has.  MySpace calls itself “a place for friends”, and that is exactly what it is.


Teens are resilient creatures; they (we) somehow make it through adolescence, and most of us become functioning, productive adults.  Teens who are all about entertainment, especially music and video will continue to remain loyal to MySpace.  Teens who move to Facebook may keep their MySpace profiles, they just might be less active.  ” The challenge is raising teens who treat it as such.  Most teens today own either a cell phone or an ipod, and in some cases both.  The key method for the communication of teens today is online social networks.  There are many debates when it comes to the MySpace and teens.


If you are not familiar with and have little interest in , , and other social networking sites, you might reconsider: These interactive networks of photos, blogs, user profiles, groups, and internal email systems have been interconnecting people for a few years now and their use and popularity have been explosive.

There are many debates when it comes to the MySpace and teens.

MySpace has many positive attributes. MySpace calls itself “a place for friends”, and that is exactly what it is. It is the perfect place for teenagers to meet other teens that share the same interest as them. One fifth of the one hundred and ninety nine million and counting MySpace users, are under the age of eighteen ( This makes it easy for any teen to fit in because there is such a big variety of other teenagers.

MySpace is used by adolescents to express themselves. Many teens post their and display their own art on their profile. They also express themselves by the background they choose for their profile. “Pictures are the heart and soul of MySpace” ( Most everyone displays a picture of themselves. MySpace also boosts shy people’s self esteem. Some teens even allege that MySpace has changed their social life completely. Whatever the case may be, MySpace has a positive effect on teens.

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