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MySpace using new technology to weed out sexual predators…

Posted May 24, 2007 4:35 PM  (Hartford-WTNH)The popular social networking website, , said it is doing its part to help the state keep sexual predators offline.

Websites like have been referred to by law enforcement as fishing ponds for sexual predators.  In most cases, victims of child molestation know their attackers and these websites give predators a bigger hunting ground.

“The internet provides and opportunity to become known to potential ,” said Rep. Mike Lawlor, (D) East Haven.  “To engage in grooming behavior through a chat room. So this is a new option for child molesters.”

Lawmakers want to remove that option by passing a law requiring convicted to provide the state police with not only their physical address but any email or instant message address as well. The people at said they have helped develop the first software designed to get sex offenders off their site.

“During the registration process there’s certain information that’s collected that’s compared into a data base and then spits out a list of potential matches,” said Hemanshu Nigam of  “Then we have a team that works 24 hours aday, 7 days a week reviewing every single match to determine whether or not this is a convicted sex offender and if that person is that information is preserved for law enforcement use and the profile itself is deleted.” Read the rest @

OSA Editorial Comments:

I for one am happy to see MySpace using new technology to weed out sexual predators, and start taking a proactive roll in the process, everyone has to be aware of the behavior of online predators and pedophiles and we need to really start to understand the new face of the 21st century predator they are not who think we they are, find out here from:

Julian Sher!

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