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Who is Being Targeted When CyberBullying Occurs?

With CyberBullying becoming a bigger and more recognized problem, parents need to know and share safety tips with their children on how to handle these types of situations. Below is a list of helpful tips and reminders that can be used to help recognize these potentially hazardous situations and how to respond to them appropriately.


• Don’t open or read messages from cyber bullies. Your child can’t be bullied online if they don’t open or read messages from cyber bullies. Teach your child to curb his or her curiosity to read and respond to a message once he or she recognize a cyber bully has sent it.


• Encourage your child to tell an adult, if for some, their reaction to being bullied is not only fright, but also embarrassment and confusion of

what the right thing is to do. Coach your child to tell a trusted adult if they are ever being bullied.


• Report chat bullying to your ISP. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can often block a cyber bully. Save the bully’s message and the screen

name, then contact and report it to your ISP and request they be blocked.


• If the cyberbullying is related to school, inform an administrator

Schools have specific procedures and rules to handle bullying of all types—including cyber bullying. Use your child’s school as a resource to resolve conflicts between students before they cause greater harm.


• No chatting while angry. Sending angry, hostile or taunting messages attracts cyber bullies. Make certain your child knows netiquette and is not using email messages or chat rooms to vent their own anger in a way that hurts others. This is how cyberbullying begins.


• If your child is threatened with harm, tell the police. Even if your child doesn’t know how to identify the individual who has made the threat, law enforcement has access to information and may be able to track them down and arrest them before they do harm.


• Be part of your child’s online experience. It can be a fun journey to explore the wonders of the Internet, and your children should see you safely exploring the internet as well.

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