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They’re 780,000 children each year who are reported abducted!

Every 24 hours they’re 2,137 more missing kids. That means between now Oct. 9th, until December 31st there will be approximately 181,645 more children will be reported abducted, missing or lost.

It’s a fight against time. AmberAlert.com Child ID Kit

We are not suggesting that your child will be one of 780,000 children each year who are reported abducted, missing or lost. However, in the event the AmberAlert.com Child ID Kit is needed you’ll have everything you need to help law enforcement get on-task as soon as possible. In an emergency law enforcement officials need vital information from a parent as soon as possible. The stress of the situation almost always interferes with the ability to collect accurate information from the parents or guardian…

This program started in Texas and is named after a 9-year-old abduction victim, Amber Hagerman from Arlington. She was kidnapped by a stranger soon after riding her bike around her grandparents house, then found four days later brutally murdered. For the four days that she was missing a man hunt went underway with news stations and radio stations covering the story whenever they could. News and radio were very effective in alerting and notifying the public, hence the use of the media in the distribution of AMBER Alerts today. [read more]

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