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4 Giants In The Internet World Make Partnerships, This Week!

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe that summer is almost over?  With in a few weeks we’ll be sending our children back to school and be settling down for the fall/winter season and getting back to our same routines… but, believe it or not spammers,  hackers,  and yes cybercriminals are always working and especially in the summer time… when we’re more much pre-occupied with summer fun, they’re busy building (botnets) and training their cyber thugs to steal our ID’s and our every other thing you could ever imagine with our online transactions…

and, worst of all the pedophiles and predators know full well that your children are home alone during the long hot summer… So, when one of my good friends in Internet Security, Deborah of Web Of Trust emailed me and told me that they had just completed an partnership agreement with one of the top Online Security companies in the world… to say the least, it was very exciting news for us here at OSA and all of our partnership sites to get this info first hand… more info, or read below.  You can also read and/or download the WOT_Press_ Release.

Web Of Trust

Web of Trust and Panda Security, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based security solutions, has partnered together to deliver a safer Web search experience through our new co-branded version of WOT. This cooperation is interesting and timely because it shows that a major player in the security industry recognizes the power of community to combat cybercrime. By joining forces, both companies hope to attract new users and make searching, shopping, and browsing on the Internet a safer experience.

WOT’s five million members benefit from the Panda-WOT partnership because it gives them even more protection when surfing, searching and shopping on the Web. The WOT database has been enhanced with real-time data from Panda Labs on new malware strains, dangerous domains and phishing threats.

The free co-branded WOT security add-on is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer users worldwide and can be downloaded from Panda’s website

Your Online Security Authority

Bill Wardell

WOW!! Microsoft and Yahoo… and now Web Of Trust and Panda Security, those are couple of huge partnership in a week!

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