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Boring But Entirely Necessary Use Offsite Data Backup in the UK

Protect Your Important Data From Disaster

We all have insurance for our homes, cars and for when we travel, but so many people and organisations ignore something much more vulnerable – insuring their business and personal data with data backup.

Think about the data and files that you store on your computer – addresses, emails and a whole lot more.
Imagine if you had to replace all the files and data stored on your computers. How long would it take? Would it even be possible? These days every business has a reliance on computers and digital data making them vulnerable to this kind of crisis. Data loss causes problems internally, but also has a negative effect on a company’s reputation which can be difficult to survive.

Computers are vulnerable to a large number of different disasters, not all of them are under your control. Fires, floods and other disasters can damage data storage devices such as hard drives. The more portable computers can be stolen or lost.
Viruses, malware and other malicious programs can cause irreparable damage to your data. Some or all of these could cause your data to be lost if there is no methodical offsite data backup system in place

Now we’ve shown why it is vitally important that you do keep a backup of all of your data, you should keep it in a safe and secure place away from your home or place of business. We recommend you do what smart people do – backup your data online offsite with us.

Backing up your data need not cost you a lot of money, or take much time or effort, but the peace of mind it will bring you or your business is priceless.
Trust UK-based SequreData with your online Offsite Data Backup.

Losing Your Data is A Disaster Without Someone Stealing It
Unauthorised use of your stolen or lost data is a nightmare you don’t want to happen to you. Offsite data backup needs to be safe. That’s why you also need to protect your data backups by encrypting them. The SeQureData Backup system is inaccessible to anyone apart from you. As your data backup company we cannot access your files either, your information is private.
There have been several stories in the press recently about large data loss by government and corporate bodies where the issue is one of data protection. Sequre data backups are secure and encrypted.

Protecting Personal Treasures
Think about the files that you have on your home computer or laptop. Family photographs, important letters, emails, and other documents, perhaps even home videos and other files which carry a sentimental value. If your computer was to break down or be lost, stolen, or damaged, it may prove impossible to get this data back. Take the time before the worst happens to make sure that you have your home offsite backup system in place.
An offsite data backup and storage service would help you to ensure that, should anything happen to the data on your PC or laptop, it won’t be lost forever.

Insuring Your Business Against a Data Loss Disaster
What about the files, documents, and other information that your business stores on its computers and servers? Losing vital and sensitive data that belongs to a client would be a nightmare and would cost your business a lot of time and custom. No-one wants to have to explain to a client that their confidential data has been totally lost.

A disaster such as this could destroy your company. Frequent offsite data backup ensures that files and documents are secure, even if something happens to your business computers. Disasters such as fires, floods, human error or thefts are difficult enough to deal with, but knowing that you can retrieve any lost information takes some of the stress away.
It also helps to assure your clients that yours is a reliable and trustworthy business who can be depended upon to keep their important information safe.

Preventing Loss of Your Crucial Information
To make sure you don’t lose precious data to disaster, invest in an offsite data backup service. It needn’t be expensive or time-consuming, and could save you a great deal of money and effort in the long run.

If your data is

regularly backed up to an offsite location and is encrypted and stored, your digital information is safe no matter what happens to your computers.

SequreData’s offsite data backup service is available online through

Our Free Data Backup Trial is a great way of seeing how the system works for yourself.

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