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Bullies / Bullying

Bullying can happen to anyone at any age, but knowing what to do about it is the key.If your child has always enjoyed learning, but lately seems eager to avoid school by complaining of not feeling well, it’s possible that the problem has nothing to do with how last night’s dinner was digested. Your child could be worried sick about a schoolyard bully.Bullies can take the fun out of school, where bullying happens the most, and turn something simple like a ride on the bus, a stop at a locker, or a walk to the bathroom into a scary event that is worried about all day.

Children who are bullied often experience low and depression. Those doing the bullying may go on to engage in more destructive, as teens and later as adults. Bullies have often have been bullied themselves, whether at school, in the neighbourhood, or at home, and may pick on others to feel powerful, popular, important, or in control. Often, they antagonize the same children repeatedly.

Sadly, is widespread, yet many children are afraid to say anything or to step in for fear of repercussions.

If your child is a victim of bullying, you can help reduce intimidation and fear by listening and by offering to help. If your child is the bully, you’ll need to emphasize that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable. You can also discuss why he or she is doing it and how to stop it.

The Different Ways Kids Bully

Bullying behaviour is not always easy to define. Where do you draw the line between good-natured ribbing and bullying? Although teasing resembles bullying because it can prompt feelings of anger or embarrassment, teasing can be less hostile and done with humor, rather than harm. Teasing often promotes an exchange between people rather than a one-sided dose of intimidation. Read more @

OSA Editorial Comments:

What a great article it shows how big this problem really is, chlidren need to know they have a place to go, when Bullies begin to start Bullying.

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