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The home security and cctv industry is a rapidly developing market.Closed circuit TV systems can provide benefits and peace of mind to both residential customers as well as commercial business owners.hidden spy camsRecently this technology has been become more affordable and therefore more accessible to the basic consumer.

Statistics have shown that the crime rate has been drastically reduced anywhere CCTV cameras have been installed. According to an article in the magazine ‘New Scientist’, crime reduction of over 95% is possible simply by installation of a home security CCTV system.

Customers have told us that they are experiencing the same results in a variety of businesses; you will begin to appreciate why CCTV is seen by many as the best system for deterrent and detection.

A home that has some form of a residential alarm system, in particular those with security cameras, are less enticing to burglars.

Here you will find out about the optimal configuration of your home security CCTV system and we will explain it in less time than the competition takes to do so.

Here you can get a lot of great information for free!

So lets get started!

What type of camera are you most interested in? IP or traditional cameras?

While it is an extremely expensive option, the IP home security CCTV market is growing quickly. For the home market the traditional cameras are perfect with an unlimited life span and much easier on the bank balance!

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