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DNA Fingerprinting

From high-profile trials to popular TV shows, numerous events have imprinted on our collective psyche the fact that DNA evidence can be used to solve crimes. But the technique has extensive uses that go far beyond forensic science. You may even owe tonight’s dinner, in part, to DNA fingerprinting.

My curiosity about this subject was piqued when I came across a recent newspaper report that talked about how DNA fingerprinting is being used in India to identify different varieties of basmati rice.  Read more.

OSA Editorial Comments:

Finger Print

As we go to VOTE here in Utah, we are faced with the new technology called; touch screen voting terminals. I am not to happy with this, I think it’s an invasion of our privacy and I think there are better ways of making sure that we can all vote legally.  Also see a post we did early this summer on the Crime of the future – biometric spoofing?

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Bill Wardell

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