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Email Fraud – Beware of 419 Fraud

Monday, January 1, 2007
is no more news. We regularly, hear of successful frauds committed on the Internet through the use of fraudulent mails. 419 fraud is a code name for an Email Fraud originating from Nigeria.

Take note, do not be deceived 419 fraud is a code name for an email fraud that promises contracts involving large sums of money. It is not peculiar to Nigeria alone but mostly originates from Nigeria.


The 419 fraudster, uses social engineering neglected by most information security consultants to gradually convince the unsuspecting victim that the fictitious contract dangled before the victim is legitimate. 419 FRAUD

OSA Editorial Comments:

What a great article please go and finish reading the rest of the story, because this is real scam and there are thousands of people that get taken advantage every day and in ever walk of life!

As a matter of FACT!!

This is what happened last week, I received an email supposedly from Paypal that my account needed attention and updated for the new year it looked exactly like a letter from Paypal other than the hotlink to send me to Paypal was some other .com address. This is a very tricky way to steal your account information, and because the information and the bottom of the email did take you to the home of Paypal you wouldn’t even know that they stole it!! You have to be so careful in the future with every email, no matter who it is from….


are sent out daily. Do not fall a victim by getting regular education on fraudulent mails through newsletter subscription, audio seminars, e-courses, purchase of security ebooks. Don’t be the next victim take security awareness education serious.

Your Online Security Authority
Bill Wardell

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    Thanks for the informative post.. and thanks for adding our comment to the blog. I am subscribing to your feed so I don?t miss the next post!

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