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Gartner Warns of Five High Impact Cyberthreats in 2007

Gartner has warned business to be all embedded against five highly rampant . The cyberthreats such as targeted threats, identity theft, spyware, social engineering and viruses, are claimed to have potential enough to cause major damage on organisations all through the next two years.

Gartner, while previewing its 2006 Cyberthreats Hype Cycle at the company’s Information Security Summit in London recently, warned that there is the existence of potentially a hostile environment, which is being fuelled by monetarily motivated and targeted .

The company also claims that until 2008, it is likely that almost 40% of organisations will be targeted by monetarily motivated cybercrime. The company also highlighted social engineering and viruses are going to be daily nuisance for major information security officers during 2009.

Gartner also warned that in the subsequent two years, as a minimum 50% of organisations are expected to face a social engineering or a virus attack. Thus, Organisations need to be capable to prevent, detect and remove infections as soon they are encountered with anyone of those mentioned below:

(1) Targeted threats: Under these types of threats, many a firms hire private investigators to spy on their competitors. Private investigators make use of Trojans to install targeted on competitors’ PCs to collect confidential info about such things as upcoming bids and customers.

(2) Identity theft: This type of threat is related to the theft, which is aimed at committing theft of the personal or confidential information of the targeted companies or person.

(3) Spyware: The malicious software used to take partial control of any body or firms’ computer to steal personal or confidential information:

(4) Social engineering and viruses: Social engineering and viruses are supposed to be daily annoyance for leading info security officers during 2009.

(5) Rootkits is thought to be an increasing threat to firms globally, and they are getting highly difficult to spot and thwart. Once a host has been compromised, it is difficult to spot a rootkit as it hides itself as a normal system file, which differentiates it from other threats. Read more.

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