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GoDaddy shutters popular security site at MySpace request

Termination happened without warning, say Seclists keeper
Robert McMillan, January 26, 2007 (IDG News Service) — Internet service provider Inc. has come under fire for pulling a popular hacking Web site down this week, allegedly at the request of MySpace.comGoDaddy pulled the plug on the Web site, knocking about 250,000 pages of archived mailing lists offline for most of Wednesday, apparently because a post to the Full Disclosure discussion list archived on the site contained the names and passwords of .com users.

.org hosts widely read archived copies of a number of discussion lists, including Bugtraq and the Daily Dave. It is used by tens of thousands of readers every day, according to the site’s owner, Gordon Lyon, who is better known by his hacker pseudonym Fyodor Vaskovich. Lyon is also the creator of the Nmap network scanning security tool. and did not reply to calls and e-mails requesting comment, but Lyon said he was told by GoDaddy representatives that his site was pulled at’s request.

MySpace was responding to a legitimate concern about its users’ privacy. More than a week ago, nearly 60,000 MySpace passwords and user names were disclosed on the Full Disclosure list. They had been collected and posted on a phishing Web site, which has since been shut down, but a copy of the list was also posted to Full Disclosure. Copies of the list can still be found online, leading Lyon to wonder why his mirror copy of the discussion list was singled out.

Though service was eventually restored, Lyon blasted the Internet service provider for acting without giving him time to remove the offending post. Read more.

OSA Editorial Comments:

It is amazing that a huge internet company can have so much power! That’s when we need all need to be a little careful and to become very aware and make sure we are not finding our selves in the same position, because of a statement or mistake or maybe that we rub big brother the wrong way;) Also we need to become active in trying to solve some of the major problems and issues that protect our interests, with internet companies able at a whim making major changes and policies that effect us on a personal level!

Your Online Security Authority
Bill Wardell

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