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Google zeal breeds more identity theft risks

Posted by Donna Bogatin @ 4:27 pm Categories: Legal, Google, Government, Privacy

Google CEO Eric Schmidt continues on his never ending quest to “organize” ALL of the world’s information, including ALL of the world’s citizens’ personal information.

Google proudly announces today: “partnerships with the states of to make it easier to search for hard-to-find public information on state government websites.”

Hard to find no more. Thanks? to Google.

What “” information about the citizens of the states of Arizona, California, Utah and Virginia will no longer be hard to find at as well?

Individuals’ Social Security numbers, for starters! Read more.

Social Security cards

OSA Editorial Comments:

Will it never end, this everyday assault on our privacy and online security, I for one am so totally fed up with it all. The main issues here are not what breaches of security are taking place. The fact is, it’s the lack of concern, and that nothing is being done to punish the cyber criminals.

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  2. By Michael Durnack on May 14, 2007 | Reply

    Public information is just that, public. We are not going to change public access to information that has always been available, unfortunately it is much easier to access. That is the priice we pay for our freedom.

    What we can do is limit our ongoing exposure by not providing information just because they ask. I have had 3 instances in the last month where I was asked for much more information than I felt the requestor needed. I refused to provide it and rec’d the services anyway.

    Washington is mounting an “attempt” with the release of the President’s Identity Theft Task Force Report last month. But they too recognize you cannot chase someone half way around the globe for $1000. Part of the report places the responibility on the public. And they are right. How can they effectively stop this crime when people hand over the information?

    It is up to us to protect ourselves and defend our own identities. Nobody else is going to.

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