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How Can I Protect My Child From Strangers Online?

My 9-year-old son spends a lot of time on the computer surfing the Internet and instant messaging his friends. But I worry about him getting into trouble with strangers online. What can I do to protect him? – Brian

Simple surfing and instant messaging friends are common activities for kids – and fairly safe, if you’ve discussed the “rules of the road” with them. Chatting with strangers, however, may be a different story. Although there’s no way to know the actual risk, the FBI cautions that kids whose Internet activity isn’t monitored are most at risk for being exploited. Take an interest in the sites your child is visiting and the people with whom he is chatting (some unsavory characters pose as kids or teens in chat rooms to seem less threatening). Read more.

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Just Released: November 15th 2006

Thanks everyone! I have thought many times how we can all make a real difference in the world with the power of our websites. And this is one way, if this ebook even helps one family protect there child, itís been worth every minute of the last six months and moreÖ..

Dont Take Candy From Strangers Ebook

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Bill Wardell

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