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Identity theft and key logging main security threats for 2007

Security whitepaper identifies the key security trends to watch out for

Andrea-Marie Vassou, Computeract!ve 19 Jan 2007

and online phishing scams will be the main security threats this year, a McAfee whitepaper claims.

is a growing trend, and McAfee has found that key logging has risen by 250 per cent since 2004. It also found that the number of online scam alerts had risen by 100 per cent -from 176 incidents in January 2004 to 17,600 in May 2006.

“Identity theft has been around for many years now,” commented Greg Day, Security Analyst at McAfee.

“As the internet has evolved, this trend has now moved into the online space where we are now seeing people falling victim to email phishing scams asking for personal details.”

Despite figures from the Home Office, which estimates that identity theft costs the UK economy £1.7bn a year, the whitepaper found that the number of claims was surprisingly low, leading McAfee to believe that the losses are not fully acknowledged by people.

Known as ‘card not present’ fraud, Day said many people were not as careful when using their credit card online as if physically handing it over in a shop or restaurant. “Although the internet may seem like a safer place in the sense there is not anyone physically stealing your card from under your nose, this whitepaper has shown that it is evidently not.”

OSA Editorial Comments:

We have to be very smart when it comes to picking the right software to protecet our PC’s! Make sure you are using the most up to date online security for your internet connection and to protect you from key logging, including your Viruses and , find out how your PC safe

Your Online Security Authority
Bill Wardell

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